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Leituras recomendadas, 15/04 a 30/04

“I suggest that although the WTO's governance functions will remain essential to the global trading system, and particularly for small trading nations for whom they constitute a global public good, they may suffer some damage in their ability to operate as long as trade governance centres on preferential deals. (...) The risk remains that plurilateral agreements undermine core multilateral principles of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, and transparency”.
“The international community has committed to ending the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat by 2030 (...) Ending the AIDS epidemic will require rapid acceleration of the response over the next five years and then sustained action through to 2030 and beyond. This can only be achieved through renewed political commitment, additional resources, and technical and programmatic innovations”.
“This is the first global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis (...) It positions the response to viral hepatitis within the context of universal health coverage (...) The development of highly effective treatment regimens, including direct-acting antiviral medicines, has revolutionized the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection, and there is a long development “pipeline” of additional promising options. The high prices of new medicines are a major barrier to access in most countries”.
“Um dos principais resultados desse projeto é uma base de informações que permite saber onde estão, quais são e quais as características dos principais laboratórios de pesquisa disponíveis no Brasil, circunscritas não somente às grandes infraestruturas abertas de pesquisa, mas também aos laboratórios de pesquisadores individuais espalhados pelos departamentos das grandes universidades brasileiras. Uma das conclusões do trabalho, a propósito, é que talvez tenhamos muitos desses laboratórios individuais e poucos grandes laboratórios abertos, de uso compartilhado”.
“The unfolding story of Zika virus in the Americas is much more than a mosquito-borne disease that may affect fetal development. It is the story of a disease that exposed problems and raised challenges that the affected health systems and governments cannot ignore. Next, based largely on lessons provided by Brazil’s Zika epidemic, we discuss five critical problems and challenges and reflect on opportunities to remedy them”.
“Through interviews and website content analysis, this study finds that there are only a few PPPs doing nanomedicine research. Many of the PPPs are worried that the technology is too expensive and it will take too long to bring nanomedicines to the market. To increase the likelihood that emerging technologies, like nanotechnology, will be used to mitigate poverty, policy makers can do several things like change the patent laws to encourage innovation on technologies for the poor, increase research funding in areas that address development, and move pro-poor technologies quickly through the regulation process”.

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